LFN [2023]: Week 6 Results

I only saw the last two laps of this race as I was at Sloan Park checking out the 2023 Cubs. Pitch Clock = good. So I watched the last two laps, then they did it again, then they did it again, then yet again. That turn 1…get rid of it.

Victory Lane: Salty C, $10

Garage Talk: Well now, didn’t take long for the newcomer to figure it out. A skin in his 3rd race; not quite an LFN record, as NASCAR Newbie won his first race ever, much to everyone’s surprise/chagrin. I’d say even money that Salty catches Beat Chad in points by Week 12.

Unlucky Dog: Yooper Drive

Garage Talk: That Christopher Bell wreck was rough. And Logano just sucks.

Up Next: Toyota Owners 400, Richmond Raceway [4/2]

Gonna give you guys a free tip here; when the race is named after one of the manufacturers in the race, you MAY want to factor that in. Just saying. MIGHT want to think about that. PERHAPS give it a thought.

LFN spreadsheet


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