LFN [2023]: Week 10 Results

It was Talladega and the big one…hit? Didn’t hit? Sorta hit? At one point I thought I heard Mike Joy say “a 4 car wreck is not a big one”. And how embarrassing for Ty Gibbs to run out of gas, it’s not like anyone had a 50-1 bet on him to win or anything. Louse.

Victory Lane: Shake – N – Bake, $10

Garage Talk: The big one may or may not have hit, but that last wreck pushed this guy into their first skin of the year. Wisely benched the 5 and saved an allocation.

Unlucky Dog: Yooper Drive

Garage Talk: I would not fault anyone for scoring low at a superspeedway track with all the possible unknowns. Unwisely had the 5 in the lineup at the end, with no other real choice.

Up Next: Würth 400, Dover Motor Speedway [4/29]

Dover is on deck. I have no issues with that track. I also have no immediate or future plans to visit Delaware. No offense to the natives, I’m sure it’s lovely.

LFN spreadsheet


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