LFN [2023]: Week 12 Results

This was quite the race; the most lead changes on a 1.5 mile track in NASCAR history? Hamlin bumping Larson on the last turn of the last lap for the win? Fisticuffs after the race? Why can’t they all be like that??

Victory Lane: TRiM, $10

Garage Talk: TRiM gets on the board for a skin with the slimmest of victories, 2 pts. That means everyone owner in the league has at least one skin so far this year…except one. You know who you are.

Unlucky Dog: Hilty480

Garage Talk: From the skin last week to the low this week; that is how the cookie crumbles, or at least, how the 54’s whole front end crumbles. Gibbs ugh.

Up Next: Goodyear 400, Darlington Raceway [5/14]

It is throwback week for NASCAR; should be some pretty sweet paint schemes, and interesting visitors to the announce booth. Anything to inject a little life into listless Mike Joy.

LFN spreadsheet

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