LFN [2023]: Week 13 Results

Halfway point of the LFN season [raise your hand if you knew that], and gotta say, another pretty great race. WAR Throwback weekend, paint schemes, Big One on the Backstretch, and Jamie Little dressed like she was from the 50’s. Everyone in the world knew Chastain was getting payback; no way he was winning that race. Which is why I bet him to win #DumbAss

Victory Lane: Hilty480, $10

Garage Talk: 3rd time this year last weeks Unlucky Dog comes back to win the skin. Just goes to show, much like the NFL, NHL, etc. the LFN has parity. Except for one team.

Unlucky Dog: Shake – N – Bake

Garage Talk: Every team in the league had Truex in the lineup; only three teams actually put him in the garage at the right time; our skin winner, a team whose name I won’t mention, and S-N-B. Worked out for Hilty480, not so much for S-N-B.

Up Next: Coca-Cola 600, Charlotte Motor Speedway [5/28]

No fantasy this upcoming week for the all-star race, so I’m sure we will all be hard at work on our allocation spreadsheets. We all have one, right?

LFN spreadsheet


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