LFFL:  NFL Fantasy Football

The Louse Fantasy Football League. There is nothing better than NFL fantasy football. Every year this league gets better and better; epic battles and some historic grudge matches pave the way for the flagship league in the Louse Cup.

Past Champions:

2014: T.Y. Hiltunen
2012: Hilty’s Heroes
2011: Hilty’s Heroes
2010: Rat Bastards
2009: Chandler Monsoon
2008: Mean Machine
2007: 01000010 01000011

The League can be found here.

LFN:  Fantasy NASCAR

A revolutionary new NASCAR fantasy game pitting teams against each other in head-to-head matchups each week.  Set up like fantasy football, there is division play and a playoff system is in place once the Chase starts.

Past Champions:

2014: JR Nation
2013: T-Bone
2012: Conn’s Bastards
2011: Buzz
2010: Yooper Drive
2009: Yooper Drive

The League can be found here.

Baseball:  Louse Fantasy Baseball

The marathon of all fantasy sports.  It’s like fantasy football….every day, all summer long.  This one takes patience…but is soooo much fun.

2014: Re-Encarnacion
2013: Grand Theft Votto
2012: Donnie Barqs
2011: Diamond Sharp

The League can be found here.

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