LFFL–Week 6 Recap: The Champ overwhelms H.Y.C. in a shootout

C’Mon Man!

Two teams who were kind of quiet the last couple of weeks exploded for points this week, tallying the 2 highest scores of the week.  Unfortunate for one, they faced each other.  The champ unleashes Justin Blackmon and Knowshon Moreno on H.Y.C, and captures their first Bullet Train of the year, putting up 158.7 pts.  It sucks when you get 34 pts out of your TE and lose.  Other notes:

  • Free Rides:  We have a DeAngelo Williams sighting!  DW puts up a modest 14.2 pts, and the Beast roars into first place in the Red division, taking down the ever-changing new-look Dust Devils.
  • Garbage pts:  It literally came down to two plays in the MNF game to decide the BULLDOGS/Monsoon matchup.  With the Colts backed up needing a score late in the 4th, Trent Richardson drops a short pass.  Next play, T.Y. Hilton catches a short pass.  Result:  BULLDOGS claim the victory by 0.9 pts and move to 6-0.
  • Going Down with the ship: Newly christened team, The Hindenburgs, must not like what they see as Jimmy Graham posts a big fat ‘0’ while getting hurt, and Randall Cobb is out for 6-8.  They take the Crappie this week.  Love the new logo!

Key Matchups: Week 7
The Hindenburgs v. MaD Bastards Bastards: I don’t know why, really. 
Dust Devils v. Team RAT BASTARDS: Same here; let’s go with it.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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