LFFL – Week 5 Recap: The Monsoon ride Broncos D to 4-1


I guess I should watch what I say in these recaps.  I called out Gid’s Kids last week for having Gary Barnidge on their bench.  Well, they put him in this week, he makes an incredible catch, leads the Kids in scoring, helps them capture this week’s Bullet Train, and hands me my first loss of the season.  I tip my cap to you, good sir.  Other notes:

  • Drop The Bass:  Forget Peyton Manning, the Broncos D has Denver 5-0, and the Monsoon 4-1.  Key Observation: At least MBB has Martavis Bryant back from his weed suspension.
  • Heart of God:  Wow, so close for KFC as they hold on for the 0.2 pt victory over the Rat Bastards.  One more catch for Antonio Brown would have done it.  Key Observation:  Was that a home game for Pittsburgh last night?  Sheesh.
  • Phil Phillips: You think Phillip Rivers likes have Antonio Gates back? The Best There Never Was will take it, getting 24 pts from PR and getting the victory over H.Y.C.  Key Observation:  Andy Dalton on the bench with 30.3 pts; do we have a QB controversy for H.Y.C?
  • Crappie Report: A bit of bad luck for Outta Nowhere as Jamal Charles goes down for the year, helping ON to catch this week’s Crappie.  Key Observation:  Antonio Gates on the bench with 25.7 pts; do we have a TE controversy for the Dust Devils?

Key Matchups: Week 6
Gid’s Kids v. Outta Nowhere: Someone will be 4-2
Rat Bastards v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Only one bastard will be supreme

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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